With the new editions of Form IF, Form I, and Form I, USCIS no longer requires Form GA. The biographic information questions that were . Fillable GA Notes: USCIS uses the information you provide in this form to check your background. If you are not sure of the exact dates, write whatever. Almost everyone applying for an immigrant visa or green card (lawful permanent residence) will have to fill out Form GA at some point along the way. In fact.

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You need to mention your employers even if you worked in the US illegally. The form is issued by U. Petitioner sponsor should form g 325a “other” and write “in support of spouse’s I”, “in support of father’s I” fotm. Line form g 325a Current Husband or Wife: H you are not sure of the exact dates, write whatever information you remember such as year. See Official Immigration Forms: Simply using a fake Social Security number, however, without showing a fake Social Security card, is usually not considered a problem.

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Share on Google Plus. I Adjustment of Status: Make sure to list present employer first, and list all previous employers in reverse chronological order. Same as surname First Name and Middle Name: Almost everyone applying for an immigrant visa or green card lawful permanent residence will have form g 325a fill out Form GA at some point along the way.

Here are a form g 325a things you should know. In fact, people applying for green cards based on marriage have to fill them out at the very beginning of the processin combination with the I visa petition — and then the immigrant will have to fill 325 the same form again, if he or she later adjusts status in the United States.

Form g 325a purpose of Form GA is to supply the U. Sales Sales Affiliates Library Trade. If you think your case may be complicated by your immigration status, history, or other issues, talk to a lawyer for legal advice and analysis of your options.

Where to Get the Form The form is issued by U. Applying form g 325a a Green Card? Line 7 Applicant’s last address outside the US of more than one year: One notable exception is if you are under age 14 or over age Please reference the Terms of Use and the Supplemental Terms for specific information related 3255a your state.

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Applying for a Green Card? Tips for Form GA –

List these addresses in reverse chronological order, starting with your most form g 325a address and working your way down the last five years. Content of the given name in the passport. For example, if you live in Annapolis now but lived in Baltimore before, your Annapolis address will go on the top line. Line 1 Family Name: Governmentfor details. form g 325a

If you’re applying for an immigrant visa or permanent residency, you must supply Form g 325a with background information on yourself.

Your “File Number” or “A ,” if you have form g 325a, would be an eight- or nine-digit number starting with the letter A that the Department of Homeland Security assigned to you, most likely in connection with a green card application or deportation proceedings. How It Works Briefly tell us about your case Provide your contact information Choose attorneys to contact you.

Most of Form GA is self-explanatory. Not affiliated with any government agency.

Line 6 Applicant’s residence last five years: If you were unemployed, self-employed, or home maker housewife, house-husbandindicate that.

Line 21 The dark-outlined box: Tips for Form g 325a GA. In such a case, you need you need not fill out Form GA. Line 19 This form is submitted in connection with application for: Form g 325a your native language uses a non-Roman script such as Gujarati, Hindi, Tamil, Chinese, Hebrew etc, you will need to write your name and address in that script. Check “naturalization” if you are submitting it with Form g 325a N ; “Status as permanent resident” if you are submitting it with Form I ; and “Other” for any other form or status.

Line 9 Show below last occupation abroad if not listed above: Lines 1 and 2 Family Name, etc. If you have had no such prior contact with immigration-related services, however, you probably do not have an A-number, and can leave this blank.

If you have A numbermention it here.