CA datasheet, CA pdf, CA data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Harris Semiconductor, 2MHz, operational transconductance amplifier (OTA). The CA and CAA types are Gatable-Gain Blocks which utilize the unique operational-transconductance-amplifier. (OTA) concept described in. CA Operational Transconductance Amplifier. The CA and CAA types are Gatable-Gain Blocks which utilize the unique.

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Do you know if another company like the one that purchased the old fab equipment is considering carrying on producction ca3080 datasheet the current stock depletes?

This was not a big deal. Use the LM; it’s not as good, but it’s still in production ca3080 datasheet second sourced.

I have a question. It’s an amplifier; and like an opamp it has a pair of differential inputs and a single output. Do you know of any date codes to avoid with the Harris or Intersil parts? Although, admitedly, one project uses dozens of CA’s; we’ll have to see how that one goes.

I’ll stick to my own circuit, ca3080 datasheet to ca3080 datasheet costant discontinuation of fixed ICs. Art Harrison at September 23, I am trying to recall if ca3080 datasheet is a Phillips part that emulates the ‘, but I can’t think of the number. The is invaluable in electronic music work.


Knowing full-well that ca3080 datasheet less thanwould not interest them, I didn’t pursue my case. The CAA’s characteristics are specifically controlled for applications such as sample-hold, ca3080 datasheet, multiplexing, etc. Small and compact means unreliable and unserviceable.

Rochester re-introduces CA micropower op amp

Somebody picking up the ? Eventually, I figured out how to make a cancelation circuit, and my VCA is now in the testing stages. But the output is a ca3080 datasheet source instead of a voltage source. I don’t blame Intersil. Surface mount does not belong on an airplane or in a car! The LM has been discontinued. Out of frusteration, I designed my datasyeet fill-in replacement for the ANP.

But NJR obviously has a fab line capable of ca3080 datasheet “archaic” linear process. See their cross reference: Pond at May 20, The MCP is an inverse-coefficient voltage controlled attenuator, which made compression circuits real easy ca3080 datasheet build. For audio ca3080 datasheet, the SSM works well.

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Note that you can achieve very respectable dynamic range with this part, and that it will operate on just a few volts and with very little current. Ca3080 datasheet Tillman at July 16, Note that In desperate repair situations, some of the LM’s pins can be wired into a ‘ PCB pattern and provide ca3080 datasheet results. These types are especially applicable for multiplexer applications because power is consumed only when the devices are in the “ON” channel state.

Click ca3080 datasheet to sign in or register. Also, this appears to affect the entire CA line which, besides the four OTA’s, includes transistor arrays, opamps, video amps, amps with ca3080 datasheet circuit configurations and taps, special purpose radio and television circuits, and so forth.

I tried, too, to persuade Intersil to keep at least the CA, which I use often.

I’ll be happy ca3080 datasheet consult on such a project. Heck, the original Moog modulars were all discrete. These types also have a high output impedance and their transconductance gM is directly proportional to the amplifier bias current Ca3080 datasheet ABC.

CA3080 Transconductance Operational Amplifier – Intersil

What I really want is a replacement for the high ca3080 datasheet CA So, my fellow analog enthusiasts, I suggest that you petition NJR for the ‘, ‘, and their like, if your quantity requirements are large enough to make it worth their while. So, the process is gone and is not ca3080 datasheet the time and 10’s of millions to rebuild when today we are working with sub micron processes.

Sync, Yeah, I know about that It’s ca3080 datasheet very different internal design, with very different characteristics, and it is used in a different way.

Thanks for signing in. I almost went datahseet using the CA, but had problems with its manufacturer, Caa3080, who was a “competitor” in the broadcast industry at the time. We have been living on wafer stock. We need to insure we have enough product remaining to support the adtasheet time buys that are now ca3080 datasheet. James Gideon at November 9, This cx3080 ca3080 datasheet a dual version of the CA plus linearization diodes and output Darlingtons.

If the demand for the NTE persists, maybe NTE will have ca3080 datasheet influence to get an off-shore manufacturer to produce them regularly. The is clearly the datqsheet advanced and flexible. I want to use this one because they have a Pspice model so I can model it all in software, and TI still is selling this currently.